Is CBD Effective As A Weight Loss Solution?

CBD and Weightloss

The emerging benefits of CBD are practically endless. From helping to reduce anxiety to boosting mood, reducing seizures, and even boosting brain function, it seems like there’s nothing this “new” cannabinoid can’t do. Another recent addition to CBD’s list of benefits is its ability to potentially help with weight loss. However, does research really support […]

How Long Does it Take to “Feel” The Effects of CBD?

Effects of CBD

  If you haven’t noticed yet, the many varieties of how you can take CBD are obvious: vapes, oils, topical creams, skincare products, and even edibles like chocolate are available to get in a dose of this molecule. However, one of the big questions asked about CBD is how long it takes to “feel” the […]

Multiple Ways To Consume CBD

ways to consume CBD oil

Overwhelmed by the amount of CBD products flooding the market? You’re not alone.  If you’re thinking of trying CBD for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start. From pain creams to vape pens and even bath bombs, the choices are endless. We’re breaking down the what’s what of CBD products […]

10 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of CBD Oil

10 mind blowing effects of CBD oil

Studies on the various benefits of CBD oil, or “hemp oil” as it’s sometimes referred to, are flooding the latest scientific journals.  You’ve probably heard CBD is great for anxiety, but its benefits extend much deeper than just helping you relax. CBD interacts with a system in our bodies built just for cannabinoids, resulting in […]

All Hemp is Not Equal: What is Hemp?

What is hemp

From the rapid rise of CBD-infused, well, everything, to marijuana becoming legalized in several states, it’s safe to say hemp is having a moment. However, the association of hemp with marijuana, combined with unclear laws and labeling has lead to quite a bit of confusion around exactly what hemp is. Is it the same as […]

CBD & Women’s Health: A Love Story

CBD & Womens Health

Photo courtesy Priscilla Du Preez Anyone else finds it odd that half the human population suffers from Menstrual cramps, yet there’s very little out there to relieve this monthly pain? So for those who are tired of getting the cliche “, it must be that time of the month” comment from their friends and family, […]

CBD For Pain Management: From The NFL To UFC, Athletes Puts The Pressure On Major League Sports

CBD for pain management

“Instead of an injection, some players opt for an oral form of Toradol. The effects are the same, though, and can last through the next day. Some guys don’t feel any pain for two days. Of course, that’s the point of these drugs — they block out the pain and reduce inflammation. But they also […]

How CBD (Cannabidiol) Can Treat Anxiety And More

Anxiety has slowly been crippling millions of adults (Almost 40 Million and counting). To which Big Pharma has reacted to by releasing countless products such as Zoloft, Xanax even Ambien to aid those suffering from insomnia. While medications can prove effective for some patients, some don’t share such positive results. Some patients don’t report much […]

CBD For Dogs And Pets: Treating Anxiety To Seizures

Cannabis and our furry little friends goes as far as the ancient greeks (maybe longer than that). Used to treat wounds and anxiety, the Greeks would use it primarily on their horses. Today, doctors and researchers are beginning to once again use these effective techniques to help pets find relief from common symptoms such as anxiety […]

Featured In Quintessential Gentlemen’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Featured In Quintessential Gentlemen’s Father’s Day Gift Guide We were very excited and humbled to have come across the radar of the Quintessential Gentlemen’s Fathers Day Gift Guide. An excerpt: This brand is for the man that works hard, that could use some relaxation or stress-relief. It provides personal care and healing products with a […]

Green Helix Featured In MG Retailer

Green Helix feature in MG Retailer MG Retailer is an authority in the Cannabis and Hemp space. Which in part why we were so excited to see them feature our efforts. Excerpt from the magazine: “One of our most noteworthy differentiating factors is the overall dosage-per-bottle compared to price,” Caruso noted. During his research, Caruso […]