CBD For Pain Management: From The NFL To UFC, Athletes Puts The Pressure On Major League Sports

CBD for pain management
“Instead of an injection, some players opt for an oral form of Toradol. The effects are the same, though, and can last through the next day. Some guys don’t feel any pain for two days. Of course, that’s the point of these drugs — they block out the pain and reduce inflammation. But they also temporarily mask injury. That’s not a good thing if you get hurt during a game — you might need to address your injuries right away. But you feel nothing, so you do nothing.” - EUGENE MONROE OFFENSIVE TACKLE / RETIRED
Players confront unforgiving punishments for testing positive while other people who have stood up for utilizing cannabis, have paid a considerably higher cost.
Take Eugene Monroe, an advocate of change for the NFL’s approach on Cannabis. The result? His team the Ravens’ ended his agreement with three years and $20 million remaining.
His response was a donation of $80,000 to the College of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins for their research on the restorative properties of cannabis for NFL players.
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